Being an Aged Care Employee in Australia

What does a personal care worker do? Many people wonder what happens during the day in the life of an aged care worker.

Being an aged care employee in Australia is not your typical job. If preparing yourself for this job, looking for an aged care facility is probably your top priority.

day in the life of an aged care worker

What is a personal care worker?

He or she provides care to a dependent individual in exchange for payment. In order to be a well-functioning and qualified aged care support worker, one must prepare their mindset. There are unexpected challenges in a day in the life of an aged care worker.

To endure trials in the day in the life of an aged care worker, you should understand what brought you to this occupation. Here are some uplifting realities that will keep your enthusiasm burning:

Need for Aged Care is Going Up

If you’re looking for a job in aged care today, you are doing it. The domestic aged care sector alone has 82,000 aged care homes to fulfil, according to the Aged Care Funding Authority (ACFA).

There’s also this misunderstanding that anyone can work in aged care, even to those who do not have credentials. Today, the qualifications for being an aged care employee is increasing. 85% of direct care workers have post-secondary qualifications, and that’s above the national average.

Employees are likewise taking it up a notch in education. An age group of 55-year-old and above aged care employees are pursuing a doctorate or a master’s degree. This suggests that aged care professions cannot be underestimated anymore—which means there is more professional growth in the field.

Policy Touch-ups

Since 2012, policy reforms in the aged care sector have been popping up. As part of Australia’s Aged Care Roadmap in 2016, domestic aged care is being prioritized by the federal government.

Sustainability in the aged care system is also on the list. This leads the way for brand-new platforms in handling aged care. Social network for the senior, home care online managing systems, and cloud-based analytics are amongst the few.

Any facility must have streamlined digitized services to keep up with these new platforms. Among the few great ones that have this feature is Arcare.

Funding for Aged Care Workers

The best news here is the government’s plan to include the workers. Some issues will be dealt with through financing for the aged care workforce method of about $1.9 million, and a $3.1 million fund for My Aged Care Platform.

This consultative approach is an excellent way to sustain the market-based aged care system the government is currently dealing with.

A market-based system mechanism in this industry will help in overlooking the employee’s roles and will assist in sustaining financial stability. Residential care companies are amongst the few that deal with interactive programs for relatives, carers, and patients.

Being an aged care worker is not a walk in the park. To understand that you’re also taken care of will make this world a better place to reside in—and later on, leaving.