Going Green on Personal Hygiene: Why Switch to Using Organic Deodorant?

In the past decade or so, the campaign to switch to using natural and organic beauty and skin care products has been stronger than ever. The fact that natural and organic products harness the power of nature to produce beauty and skin care benefits is one of the strongest draws for those fighting to support these products. At the same time, the case to limiting violence against animals (such as not using animal testing methods) has also forced animal lovers to support the cause of using organic products. When it comes to skin and body care products, organic deodorant has quickly gained attention among consumers. People with allergies and skin sensitivities have realized how much better this type of deodorant can be for their skin.

Organic Deodorant

If you are considering the use of an organic deodorant, there are plenty of reasons why you need to make a switch now rather than later. Below are some of the benefits you need to think about:

100% Natural

If you buy organic deodorant, you can guarantee that the formula is made with plant-based ingredients that are all natural. Hence, you can expect that the manufacturer will not be using any harsh chemicals in the product formula. This will eliminate any odor without being harsh on your skin or your clothes. In addition, these products are not tested on animals so it is also socially and ecologically responsible way to manufacture products.

Safe and Effective

If you want to get underarm odor protection, you can also expect the same with an organic deodorant. Some of the most common natural ingredients used in manufacturing deodorant using organic methods include tea tree oil, alkaline water, and neem oil, among other things. You no longer have to worry about harsh skin reactions due to exposure to the chemicals used in traditional deodorants.

No Clogging of Pores

Another distinctive advantage to using natural deodorants is the fact that it does not clog your pores. The traditional deodorants leave behind particles that clog your pores in an effort to stop sweat from emerging on the skin surface. However, natural deodorants facilitate in the natural release of toxins from your body through the sweat. This will eventually reduce underarm odor and avoid skin irritation in the process.

No Underarm Staining

This is a common issue encountered by users of traditional deodorants. The presence of aluminum and other harsh chemicals can lead to that unsightly yellow staining on your shirt. A 100% natural deodorant is free of aluminum; hence, you no longer have to worry about dealing with those unsightly stains or ruining your clothes.

Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer

Did you know that chemicals used in traditional deodorants have been cited to contribute to breast cancer? The aluminum compounds that are applied in an area of the body close to the breast can facilitate the production of estrogen-like hormonal effects.

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