Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS): Why it’s the Better Option


Badly need to undergo a Spinal surgery? Here’s why a Minimally Intrusive Spinal Surgery (MISS) performed by Spinal surgeons Gold Coast wide is your better option:

Why go through MISS?

Problems like Herniated Discs, Compression Fractures, Scoliosis, Osteomyelitis, Stenosis, and Spondylolisthesis are solved by this type of surgery.

Unlike open treatments, you do not need to go through complicated methods. This keeps you from handling post-operative problems like infections, bleeding, and such.

Consequently, a MISS performed by Spinal surgeons Gold Coast wide minimizes your convalescence period—the time which might take for you to recuperate. Foraminotomy, Laminectomy, Diskectomy, Vertebroplasty, and Kyphoplasty are simply a few of the numerous treatments that you can go through.

If you are considering going through spinal column surgery, then bring up MISS to Spinal Surgeons Gold Coast wide. This will provide relief from your physiological problems eventually.

Other Benefits of Undergoing MISS:

Fast Healing

MISS performed by Gold Coast Spinal surgeons reduces the time needed for recovery. Unlike other procedures, you will just have to stay in the hospital for approximately two days, which is much lesser than other types of surgeries.

If you are an extremely busy person or you need to get back to work as quickly as possible, then this will surely assist you in getting your healthy old-self back rapidly.

Speedy Application of Treatments

The best Gold Coast Spinal Surgeons perform a MISS within simply a couple of hours. As a matter of truth, operations are made at an outpatient centre and you can immediately go home on the same day. This is fantastic for people who have a tight spending plan and a hectic schedule.

Little Anaesthesia Needed

Prevent the inconvenience and complications of post-operative procedures with MISS. In contrast to other invasive operations, this does not require the administration of basic sedation, triggering clients to experience queasiness and vomiting, along with, weak point and temporal paralysis.

Therefore, you are free to go back to your old routine just within a couple of hours after the treatment.

Decreased Complications

Anticipate lower blood loss, in addition to, very little soft tissue and muscle damage. Given that this is a minimally intrusive procedure, the opportunities for infection are lower. Expenditures on antibiotics and antipyretic drugs will be avoided, therefore saving you money in the end.

Lesser Post-operative Discomfort

MISS guarantees very little pain after the operation. This will conserve you from spending on post-surgery medications such as analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs which, the majority of the time, are costly.

Very little Scarring

Given that the incisions made are smaller compared with significant operations, you will be ensured that the scars left after the surgical treatment are not apparent. Getting unpleasant scars post-op will not be a concern. So you can still use your usual outfits without the worry of exposing awful keloids.


The MISS is absolutely the better option for everyone who wishes to recuperate quickly and conserve money on post-operative costs. If you are looking for Spinal surgeons in Gold Coast, you can see a qualified practitioner and neurosurgeon like Dr. Neil Cochrane from Cochrane Neurosurgery.